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Retaining a Criminal Lawyer

Retaining a criminal defense lawyer is an important step if you have been arrested. At Jingozian Law Firm, our attorneys can provide sound legal counsel, educate you on the criminal court case process, and help protect your legal rights. At our law firm – proudly serving the greater Los Angeles area, including Orange and Riverside County – a criminal defense lawyer from our firm will dedicate his time and energy completely to your case, from start to finish. Our goal is to obtain case resolutions that satisfy our clients. If you are in need of a qualified and aggressive criminal defense lawyer,
contact the Jingozian Law Firm today.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The consequences of being convicted of a crime can be severe and life-changing. Depending on the crime, a person can expect hefty fines, probation, a limit on his or her freedom of movement, and in some cases, jail time and even death. The criminal court case process can be complicated and demanding; to obtain a successful case resolution, an individual must have not only an exhaustive understanding of criminal law but aggressive litigation skills as well. At Jingozian Law Firm – serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County – a criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the resources you need to level the playing field.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer from Jingozian Law Firm Help?

To have the best chance of obtaining a case dismissal, sentence reduction, or acquittal, you or a loved one needs a criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively defend you in court. Our attorneys have impressive track records of victories in criminal cases, including cases involving sex crimes, violent crimes, theft and robbery, drug crimes, DUI and motor vehicle crimes, and white collar crimes. The experience and knowledge needed to win such cases can be used to protect your legal rights in the event of an arrest. Our lawyers treat every case as if it is the single most important case that they have. You can rest assured that if you hire a criminal defense lawyer from Jingozian Law Firm, our attorneys will commit themselves entirely to help bring about a successful case resolution for you and your family. Take a look at our client testimonials to see how we have been able to help past clients.